About Kathleen Bailey

Kathleen Bailey is a Quad Cities native and seasoned attorney with professional licenses in Illinois and Iowa. She has nearly 25 years of experience in both the public and private courts.

As Rock Island County State’s Attorney Assistant in the late ‘90s, Bailey prosecuted child abuse and sexual assault cases. She took approximately 30 felony cases to jury trial with an 80 percent conviction rate. No cases were overturned on appeal.

Bailey transitioned to private practice in 1998. At private practice Stengel, Bailey & Robertson, Bailey primarily practices family law. She additionally tried selected personal injury and criminal matters achieving multiple jury verdicts in her clients’ favor.

Not only has she prosecuted many cases in which children were abused, she spearheaded the creation of the Children’s Advocacy Center, a Rock Island-based facility designed to reduce trauma to children who were victims of physical or sexual abuse. The center serves as a location for multi-disciplinary teams to interview victims once, eliminating the practice of having youth victims re-tell their story multiple times to different agencies. Bailey was also instrumental in passing a tax referendum to make Rock Island one of the few Illinois counties to have an advocacy center supported by taxes.

Outside of her long hours fighting for justice in the courtroom, Bailey is a dedicated community member who commits a large portion of time to helping those in-need. From voluntarily taking the time to help people navigate the court system to actively serving on the Rock Island County League of Women Voters and serving on the Rock Island YWCA Board of Directors for two terms, Bailey consistently shows her devotion to working toward a better community.

Bailey also was appointed by the state-wide Director for the Department of Children and Family Services to serve for 10 years as a member of Child Death Review Team. The multidisciplinary and multiagency team closely examines instances of child death and sets protocols in order to prevent similar cases and further protect children. Also showing her commitment to protecting children, she served two terms/10 years on the board for the Child Abuse Council.

As a candidate for Rock Island County State’s Attorney, Kathleen Bailey plans to use her logic along with her nearly 25 years of experience to fight for the safety of all who live in Rock Island County. She’s a no-nonsense lawyer who is committed to the community and ready to make the office of the Rock Island County State’s Attorney far more efficient and practical.

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